The Truth About Dating Chinese Women


For many years, the traditional Chinese culture made it quite difficult for Chinese Women to meet and date non-Chinese men. In fact, most Chinese people frowned upon interracial relationships and they even found it disgraceful for a Chinese girl to marry a man from a different race. In spite of this, these beautiful, petite, loyal, […]

Bianca Wu

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  A lot of people are looking for something different and timelier in the music scene. That is exactly what Bianca Wu has to offer. A popular Canto-jazz singer in Hong Kong, this beautiful lady is taking the musical world in China by storm. She was born in Szechuan, raised in Guangzhou, and studied in […]

Carina Lau Hongkong Actress

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The beautiful Carina Law is a Chinese actress based in Hong Kong. Known for her girl-next-door appeal and subsequently being cast in such roles for film, Carina Law started with acting classes with TVB. She has starred in a number of films. Some of which are “Her Beautiful Life Lies” in 1989, “Days of Being […]